Covid hospital’s team

'Being a superhero was fast and very short. Soon we get back to the before-covid reality' /Miłosz Gągalski, MD/

On the 16th of March 2020 the regional hospital in Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Poland, was transformed to a Covid-19 infectious diseases ward. All medical and technical staff, all teams fought for patients to be able to catch another breath, for young mothers to be able to hold her new born baby in her arms and for grandfather to be able to play with his grand kids.
When they lose the battle, they suffer with the patient’s relatives. Even when it is difficult, every day they show up in front of the hospitals’ front door because they believe, it is not just a job, but a life vocation.

How does this battle over patients’ lives and health look like? What do they feel? Are they afraid of coronavirus? Was it important for them to hear the applause made for them during early spring 2020? Does it hurt to read negative opinions in social media? How does the work in the Covid-19 ward look?
We’d like to invite you to discover answers for these and many more questions. Listen to the oral testimonies of those, who with pride call themselves 
Covid hospital’s team
When the first wave of covid-19 hit, we got the idea of recording stories from the hospital’s team. However this only became possible a few months later – during the second wave and is still happening.
Agnieszka Pospiszyl – radio journalist and audio documentary author and Adam Liszka – photographer got to the same point: now it’s the time and place to show the outside world what’s going on inside the walls of the covid-19 hospital. The first idea was conceived in March 2020, but we needed some time to get clearance, do research and start preparing the production. This is a non-commercial project. Production started during the second wave of covid-19 and we don’t know when this project will be concluded. For as long as there is a single person in the hospital staff who wants to share their story with us, we will come back to the hospital and record it and share it with a wide audience.
Regional hospital in Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Poland
fot. Błażej Duk, Adam Liszka
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